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Your business is unique. Your content should reflect its one-of-a-kind identity. One way to demonstrate how your services stand out among those of your competitors is through creating a marketing campaign that’s customized, engaging and, of course, shareable.

Enter: video content.

In recent years, video content has lapped other forms of marketing collateral in the race toward client engagement and retention. Business and UX publications from Forbes to Business Insider have written extensively on the increasing value of video content, and businesses like yours are taking notice.

Consider your business strategy laid out on a chessboard, each opposing piece representing a marketing campaign target you’d like to hit. Now think of video content as your queen; its very nature is to move all over the board, hitting each target with grace and ease. The following list of items identifies specific benefits of working with video, and discusses why video content is your marketing strategy’s reigning queen.

When you post videos that provide valuable and truthful information, that action alone helps foster long-term relationships with customers and clients.

Ivy Newman, The Viney Group

Video Content…

Promotes transparency and trust: In the online age, gaining client trust and offering transparency is critical. Creating video content invites clients and customers into your world, dissolving those invisible lines that separate who you are from how you present yourself. When you post videos that provide valuable and truthful information, a glimpse into your business’ daily grind, or even a little humor–without demanding anything from your viewers–that action alone helps foster long-term relationships with customers and clients.

Engages multiple learning and consuming modalities: Some people are visual; others are auditory or kinesthetic. In 2018, an increasing number of people consume and digest their information in multiple ways at once. Video content has the capacity to tick every single consumption box in a few short minutes, even seconds. Videos can educate through use of visual storytelling; use of text across the screen; use of funny, charming, or scholarly voice over; even through you–speaking directly to your viewers. And trends suggest more consumers are engaging on the go, using their mobile devices to consume information, namely video content. So get filming!

Inspires cross-platform sharing: With nearly every relevant social media platform formatting and reformatting to accommodate video sharing, marketing with video has never been easier–or more necessary. Sharing your own content is a great first step, but compelling others to share your content is a massively effective inbound strategy. Video helps you up those shares. Bonus: In the age of micro-attention spans, the nature of video consumption serves businesses in a compelling way. People tend to take their time with videos. They spend more seconds and minutes consuming video than they do consuming other forms of shareable content. Those extra seconds add up, organically bumping your site up the Google search ladder.

Is conducive to customizing: What would you like to share with your customers? What might you want prospective clients to know? The art of storytelling is evolving, and video content is enabling businesses to reap the benefits of that evolution. Maybe you’re interested in creating a short how-to video, a customer testimonial series, or a humorous getting-to-know-you tour of your HQ. Trying different kinds of videos will allow you to follow which ones are most successful for your business.

Is intrinsically measurable: Speaking of measuring success, video content is built for analyzing click-throughs, consumer “drop-off” points and times watched–rendering all the numbers tied to figuring out your return on investment (ROI)–in this case, time + energy more than money–clear and accessible. Put plainly, the built-in features of video content allow you to answer the following questions: “Are my videos helping my business, and by exactly how much are they helping?”

As queen of the chessboard, video content can help you dominate the consumer landscape, and hit your targets with grace and ease. So if you’re still debating whether to integrate video into your marketing strategy, just say “yaaas.”


by Ivy Newman

by Ivy Newman

As a marketing consultant, Ivy concentrates on strategically working with executives and business owners on solutions for structuring and creatively implementing the right marketing plan to increase business. When she’s not working to develop marketing campaigns, she humors herself by critiquing TV commercials between episodes of MSNBC programming and Jeopardy.