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Goshen Preparatory Academy

South African NGO seeks Viney to launch its $2 million capital campaign



In 2014, Viney was approached by Goshen International to create a branding campaign to raise over $2 million in funds to support their K-12 school for African children from poverty-stricken communities throughout the Kurland villages in South Africa.


Viney designed a fundraising campaign to reach 1,000 high-level donors who were interested in eradicating poverty by supporting global education initiatives.


The campaign attracted individual donors, foundations and government agencies from the U.S. and Africa that made significant contributions toward the goal of $2 million.

Project Details

Client: Goshen International
Location: Plettenburg Bay, South Africa
Date:  Spring 2014
+ Market Research
+ Branding
+ Graphic Design
+ Content Creation

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