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Mama J’s

Internationally-acclaimed Soul Food restaurant hires Viney to revamp its website and press material

Mama J’s is Richmond, Virginia’s premier soul-food dining experience.  This family-owned and operated restaurant has catered to thousands of soul-food aficionados while earning rave reviews from local and international food critics alike.  After six years of success, the owner needed an updated website and press material. Viney Group modernized the restaurant’s brand with a photo shoot to enhance the website’s visual appeal and redesigned the website to be responsive and user-friendly.

Project Details

Client: Mama J’s
Location: Richmond, VA
Date: Fall 2016
+ Web Design
+ Graphic Design
+ Photoshoot
+ Copywriting


At Viney, we believe it’s important to get to know our clients intimately. In 2016, Viney’s president and photography team flew out to Richmond, Virginia to interview the owners of Mama J’s and stage a photo shoot that would serve as the content for the new website. Back in New York, the process to build the new interactive site took four weeks. We let the photos of the delicious food tell the story.

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