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NYC Service:  Neighborhood Volunteer Study

NYC government agency partners with Viney to better understand how and why New Yorkers volunteer

Project Details

Client: NYC Service
Date:  2016
Services: Focus Group & Qualitative Research



NYC Service, with assistance from the City University of New York, launched an NYC Neighborhood Civic Engagement Pilot that consisted of interviewing New Yorkers in Jackson Heights, Woodside and Sunnyside to find out why people participate in various community activities and what may prevent them from doing so.


The Viney Group facilitated 16 focus groups for the qualitative portion of the study. Specifically, the Viney Group was asked to provide an analysis of locals’ perceptions of volunteerism and community service opportunities. These focus groups, which involved a variety of constituencies, were conducted to learn more about why people get involved in their communities through volunteerism.


The Viney Group’s findings were utilized in a comprehensive report. With these findings, NYC Service is building out neighborhood communication networks to support volunteer engagement, to expand its ability to develop and manage volunteer programs, and to better track and document neighborhood volunteer rates.

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