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New Victory Theater

Broadway-based theater devoted to kids and families hires Viney to reach new, diverse audiences.

Project Details

Client New Victory Theater
Date Fall 2013-present
Skills Street Marketing


The New Victory Theater is New York City’s premier performing arts nonprofit entirely devoted to kids and families. They are always looking for ways to engage new audiences and encourage them to attend productions of theater, dance, circus, opera and music from around the world.


Viney Group designed and launched flyering campaigns to target NYC’s ethnically diverse neighborhoods and generate viral word-of-mouth promotions, with the ultimate goal of bringing new patrons to New Victory Theater events. Our brand ambassadors who represent New Victory Theater demonstrate knowledge of its offerings with enthusiasm and a smile to pedestrians and businesses owners.


With drop-offs and hand-to-hand distribution of marketing collateral, Viney has helped to increase the overall exposure of New Victory Theater throughout New York City’s communities of color.

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