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Repair the World

National social change organization hires Viney to conduct a brand audit that addresses its need to attract new volunteers

Project Details

Client: Repair the World
Date:  Winter 2017
Skills: Market Research


Repair the World engaged the Viney Group in January 2017 to review the organization’s external communications process with prospects and volunteers, as well as its brand messaging.


Viney Group conducted a Strategic Communications Audit to assess Repair the World’s performance of essential communications practices.

  1. We developed a comprehensive and systematic evaluation process that reviewed:
    1. The goals, objectives, policies and strategies
    2. The resources to enhance the Communities Program
    3. The staff roles concerning structure, efficiency, effectiveness, and correlation of internal functions and volunteers
    4. The training, developing, experience and learning of staff and volunteers
  2. We conducted market research that included:
    1. Reviewing internal communication systems between staff and volunteers
    2. Reviewing external marketing and development materials including website, printed collateral, social media platforms, email communications, grant proposals, etc.
    3. Conducting focus groups and one-to-one interviews with key team members and stakeholders



The Viney Group provided both an evaluative and formative report that reviewed existing practices and made recommendations for areas in which the organization can improve its performance. Findings from the report were used to restructure the organization’s internal and external communications strategies.